Day 338 AT THE HOTEL – Oral Exercises 板凳宽,扁担长。扁担没有板凳宽,板凳没有扁担长。扁担绑在了板凳上,板凳不让扁担绑在板凳上,扁担偏要扁担绑在板凳上。


Literal translation:

The bench is wide

The carrying pole is long

The carrying pole is not as wide as the bench

The bench is not as long as the carrying pole

The carrying pole was tied to the bench

The bench does not want the carrying pole tied to it

The carrying pole has to tie itself to the bench

Day 337 AT THE HOTEL – Oral Exercises 踏破铁鞋无觅处,得来全不费工夫。

踏破铁鞋无觅处,得来全不费工夫。Your persistent search may prove futile, but a stroke of luck may lead you to a sudden discovery.

Literal translation: 

踏破——worn out

铁鞋——iron shoes


觅处——search for the right place

得来——get it



费——to spend